Episode 19 | September 28, 2022

Cash Burn: Managing Cash in a Downturn Economy

Bernard Hensey | former CEO, Boeing Shanghai

In the face of economic headwinds, manufacturers have to maintain their most precious resource: cash. Quick decisions can protect manufacturers from cash burn and turn an economic crisis into a competitive opportunity.

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Episode 18 | September 21, 2022

The Secret Weapon for Fighting Inflation

Jason Krajcovic | Principal, Aerospace and Defense Practice, Kearney

Inflation poses a particular risk to manufacturers in a climate where rising labor costs and materials cost fluctuations make negotiations unpredictable. Should costing is a secret weapon in supplier negotiations when your price comes from good data models and verifiable intelligence.

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Episode 17 | September 13, 2022

What is Cost to Cost?

Dominik Leisinger | Partner and Europe lead PERLab, Kearney

What does it take to get to an accurate should cost? Is that price tag worth the investment? And what’s the cost of not doing so? In this episode of the podcast, Kearney’s Lead Partner for Europe Dominik Leisinger leans on his industry experience to explain Cost to Cost.

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Episode 16 | September 6, 2022

What is MBD?

Christopher Da Rosa | Mechanical Design Engineer, PDM/CAD Manager, Application Engineer

If manufacturers want to reap the benefits of digital transformation, they need to have a single source of data accepted by everyone in the organization. MBD, or Model-Based Definition, creates that single source of truth. What is MBD? And how can it help you?

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