At 米6体育, we set out to build a solution that enables every member of the product development team to have access to the same data, and the same critical insights in one place. But centrality isn’t enough. We knew we had to build applications that are specific to individual roles.

Every feature of 米6体育 is designed with your job in mind. Because, well, we’ve done your job before. (So we know where your headaches come from.) 米6体育’s digital thread connects every member of the product development team together while giving them the tools they need to succeed. Explore our solutions by role:

Design Engineering
The best part about 米6体育’s solution for design engineering is how specialized it is to your day-to-day. Whether you’ve been a design engineer for two months or two decades, 米6体育 is going to make your life easier. Newly minted design engineers can get visual manufacturability feedback and optimization insights through our heat map analysis. And senior leadership can understand exactly where component designs are in the development process. Plus it integrates with the PLM systems you’re already using to provide even more automated guidance.
We know the pressure sourcing professionals are under. You have to find the best suppliers, with the right capacity, in the most favorable region, within the right timeframe and budget. It can have your head spinning. 米6体育’s should cost capabilities paired with matrix costing enables sourcing professionals to evaluate many different sourcing scenarios in minutes. Then, armed with the chosen scenarios, sourcing professionals can engage and collaborate with their supply base to find the best cost—anywhere in the world.
Imagine if your quoting process was streamlined, automated, accurate, and took just hours instead of weeks. Now imagine that it led to dramatically improved win rates. It’s all possible. Take your customer’s CAD model and upload it to see how much it should cost, and scan for manufacturability issues. Or, bulk cost entire projects. You can even use 米6体育’s detailed manufacturing data as an input into your manufacturing planning. Generating a data-backed quote that your customers can trust has never been easier or faster.
Cost Engineering
Every organization knows how important your role is. So why is it that so many cost engineers are still using laborious, manual systems to drive critical business decisions? With 米6体育, you can have a much bigger impact on your organization. With your expertise combined with the automation of 米6体育, you will be able to cost many more parts and run many more cost scenarios helping to guide the design engineers upstream and the sourcing teams downstream. Magnify your impact on the bottom line (and get the recognition you deserve).
Senior Leadership
Where is your product in the design cycle? How much will it cost? Who is working on it? How is your entire project aligned with cost targets? Can you build a report for your next investor meeting? Imagine knowing all of this with a single login. (You can.) Leading a digital transformation for your business is an enormous challenge. Change management is never easy. But if you’re here, we probably don’t need to tell you that you can’t afford to not adapt. The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. The future of manufacturing is digital. Are you ready?

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