Digital Manufacturing Solutions That Drive Innovation and Improve Profitability

米6体育 is helping design and manufacturing teams around the globe create the products of the future. Get actionable insights to improve manufacturability at every stage of your product lifecycle. Simply upload your CAD files into aP Pro and our digital factories will run a detailed simulation of the manufacturing process in a fraction of the time it takes with manual calculation methods

Our goal? Help you to develop innovative new products that meet or exceed customer requirements while at the same time improving your product profitability.

aP Pro allows your product design, engineering, cost engineering, sourcing and manufacturing organizations to identify and eliminate manufacturing cost drivers at the point of origin.

米6体育 Professional product features

Product Features

Geometric Analysis Streamlines Simulation

Run manufacturing simulation quickly and accurately. 米6体育 automatically pulls features straight from the geometry of your 3D CAD files to dramatically reduce the amount of input needed to run a manufacturing simulation.

Automated Routing Optimization Engine

Imagine a world where you can quickly and auto matically run a product design through every possible routing in your factory to see which approach offers the most cost-efficient answer. 米6体育 does this in seconds.

Digital Factories

Simulate the manufacturing process with digital factories. Use cost models and regional data libraries to parse manufacturing processes, allowable sequences, feasibility rules, material compositions, machine capabilities and much, much more.

Physics-Based, Mechanistic Manufacturing Cost Models

米6体育’s Digital Factory has more than 300 automated cost models to simulate the manufacturing process as if it were taking place in the physical world. Virtually consider material hardness, the speed of the manufacturing process, the cost of the tooling, material utilization, and more to calculate cycle time and then convert that data into monetary value.

Understand Geographic Cost Variability

aP Pro currently leverages Regional Data Libraries to calculate product cost that includes region specific economic data (like labor rates and overhead costs) for 79 regions of the world.

Enhanced Design to Cost Capabilities

Set and monitor target costs all in one place. 米6体育’s design for manufacturability (DFM) and design to cost (DTC) capabilities identify cost drivers early in the design process before they are compounded with increasing levels of detail in the design model. Alter the design, and 米6体育 automatically updates the manufacturing cost model and compares it to the target.

Real-Time Manufacturability Guidance

Alert system users to potential manufacturability issues immediately. Then, get on-screen practical guidance on how to eliminate the design problem.Have you designed a sharp corner in a pocket? 米6体育 will recommend adding a fillet to the corner.

A Single Database Architecture

Say goodbye to scattered data points, spreadsheets, and CAD files. Access your product and manufacturability details from anywhere and know that you are leveraging a consistent set of cost models and data. Enable collaboration and keep cost methodology consistent.

How it works:


The design engineer uploads their 3D CAD file into 米6体育.


米6体育 automatically runs the design through the selected digital factory and identifies manufacturability and cost drivers in the design. Furthermore, 米6体育 offers on-screen recommendations for product optimization.


Once changes are made, 米6体育 automatically updates your cost analysis so you can evaluate the effectiveness of any changes to the CAD model on manufacturability.


Get regional cost variability from more than 79 locations across the globe to ensure you’re considering all available manufacturing or sourcing options.


Your senior management team knows where your product design is at each stage of the product lifecycle. And your entire team can collaborate seamlessly using a single database architecture.


Design the products of the future faster than ever before, while meeting cost targets more consistently.

See aP Pro in action

aP Pro can be configured on-premise or as a cloud-based solution. Explore how you can design the products of the future in less time with aP Pro. Book a personalized demo today.

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