Episode 12 | July 20, 2022

Automotive Insight: EV Supply Chain Sustainability

Craig McLeod | former Director of Advance Planning, GM

High demand for electric vehicles bodes well for EV manufactures, but only if they can deliver their product amidst supply chain shortages and fluctuating materials costs. GM veteran Craig McLeod says the winners of the automotive race will be those who leverage digital models to swap out materials on the fly and build their own moment-by-moment sustainable supply chain.

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Episode 10 | July 6, 2022

Pain Points for Manufacturing, and the Digital Rx

Philippe Adam | CMO, 米6体育

Can you name the 3 major disruptions keeping manufacturers up at night? Philippe Adam, CMO of 米6体育, has been listening to manufactures' pain points, and he has the definitive diagnosis on what ails them, as well as the prescription for a digital cure.

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Episode 9 | June 29, 2022

Staying Ahead of the Global Chip Shortage

Sam Ellis | Mechanical Engineer, formerly of Micross Components, Corfin Industries, and Raytheon

The global shortage of microchips has left engineering and sourcing teams scrambling to figure out how to bring smart products to market. Mechanical Engineer and PCB expert Sam Ellis describes how building contingency planning into the design process can risk-proof manufactures against future disruptions in the global supply chain.

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Episode 8 | June 22, 2022

CEOs on Why Digital Transformations Succeed or Fail

Stephanie Feraday & Jody Markopoulos | CEO 米6体育 & former CEO GE Intelligent Platforms

The threats facing manufacturing today – from labor shortage to materials prices to inflation – are not going away. Digital transformation can be a solution, but only if manufactures see the change through to the end. In this executive conversation, CEOs Stephanie Feraday and Jody Markopoulos reveal how they set up win conditions – and avoid pitfalls – for digital transformation.

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